Still thinking if i look like a superwoman or a catwoman in this outfit… 😀 But no matter the answer i know i felt absolutely fabulous wearing it.

You know, the key for a really good look is styling and for sure no branded garment or any expensive accessory can look better when integrated in an outfit than an original way of combining them. Never think that 2 pieces don`t work together, just give a try and you never know what a result you can obtain.

So, for today i will show you my 3rd outfit for Paris Fashion Week and i am sure you will fall in love with this silk kimono by Vladimir Sirbu. It can be easily styled in another combination for it too look more gentle, but i wanted to have an outfit which reflects a powerful personality.I started to enjoy creating outfits based on a single color and completed  with a non-color. I feel like monochromatic styling is the zone i want to explore. You can try to chose a single color and combine different tones as most of the times, this trick ensures  good results.


[Ro] Inca ma gandesc daca arat ca o super femeie sau o femeie pisica purtand aceasta tinuta 😀 Dar, indiferent de raspuns, stiu ca m-am simtit fabulos atunci cand am purtat-o.

Stiti, de fapt cheie unei tinute bune este styling-ul si nici o piesa vestimentara de brand nu va arata mai bine fiind integrata intr-o tinuta decat modul in care o combini. Niciodata nu va ganditi ca doua haine nu se potrivesc. Incercati si apreciati tinuta cand o aveti in fata, nu doar gandinu-va la ea.

Astazi va arat a 3-a tinuta purtata la Paris Fashion Week si sunt sigura ca va veti indragosti si voi de acest kimono din matase, creat de Vladimir Sirbu. Poate fi usor combinat astfel incat sa se obtina o tinuta mult mai gingasa, dar eu mi-am dorit sa reflect, prin ceea ce port, o personalitate puternica. A inceput sa ma pasioneze crearea tinutelor concentrate pe o singura culoare de baza si care sunt completate de non-culori.Pana acum, obisnuiam sa port tinute destul de colorate, dar  simt ca vreau sa cercetez aceasta zona si sa experimentez mai mult cu tinutele monocromatice. Puteti incerca si voi, alegand o singura culoare si combinand cateva nuante.De cele mai multe ori aceest truc are ca rezultate tinute intr-adevar bune, dar care par a fi create cu mare atentie si pricepere.