Our responsibility towards our planet has never been greater, and neither has our power to change it. “After nature” collection reflects  AALTO`s faith that this change can be positive, and with the right education and effort to raise awareness, the new generation can learn to cherish and care for the planet they inhabit.

In paralel to the geological reality we now own,  the brand created a second one, the digitalized version of everyday life.The internet with its overwhelming visual maze of information disguised as symbols, brands and logos has inspired the collection`s colours and graphical prints.The outcome is a collection mixing classic men`s tailoring, cocktail dresses, streetwear and strong graphical elements.

Sheer silks and linen blend in nude gingham check have served to make soft jackets, skirts and trousers.Classic trench with slanted front opening is the go-to summer coat of the season, in declinations ranging from denim-like suede to lightweight nylon and soft cotton.

Colour palette is based on the classic mix of beige, black, white and light grey.Fuchsia and metallic pink are the most prominent colour accent.

For SS18, AALTO propose humoristic logos and graphical prints. The reworked logos transmit liberal values such as acceptance of differences, minorities and diversity. After Nature, Fun, Bye Bye Baby, Play Play Play, Http, Grl Powa 4 ever  are among the logos placed, less or more discreetly, on pool shoes, knit jumpers and workwear overalls. The essence is the fun in it, and its immaterial irrelevance.


[Ro] Responsabilitatea noastra fata de planeta nu a fost niciodata una mareata si nici noi insine nu avem puterea necesara de a ne schimba. Colectia “After nature” reflecta increderea brandului AALTO ca schimbarea va fi una favorabila si ca cu o educatie corecta si mult efort depus in sensibilizare, noua generatie poate invata sa aiba grija de planeta pe care traiesc.

In paralel cu realitate geologica, brandul a mai creat una- versiunea digitala a vietii noastre. Internetul care ne copleseste cu labirintul de informatii camuflat sub simboluri, branduri si logouri, a servit drept sursa de inspiratie pentru culorile si printrurile grafice ale colectii. Rezultatul este o colectie care mixeaza clasicul masculin, rochiile de cocktail, tinutele casual si elementele grafice puternice.

Tesaturile de matase si amestecul dintre  in si  bumbac au servit la crearea unor jachete usoare, fuste si pantaloni. Trench-ul clasic cu deschideri in fata ramane a fi alegerea perfecta pentru sezonul cald, fiind urmat si de gecile din denim, piele de caprioara, dar si de cele din nylon si bumbac.

Paleta de culori se bazeaza pe mixul dintre bej, negru, alb si nuante deschide de gri. Fuchsia si rozul metalic sunt accentele de culoare aduse in noua colectie.

Pentru primavara-vara anului 2018 AALTO propune logouri amuzante si pinturi grafice. Acestea au semnificatii liberale, precum acceptarea diferentelor si a minoritatilor. After Nature, Fun, Bye Bye Baby, Play Play Play, Http, Grl Powa 4 ever sunt cateva dintre logouri , care au fost aplicate, mai mult sau mai putin discret, pe incaltaminte, pulovere si salopete. Esenta lor este defapt amuzamentul si distractia.


photo credit: Guillaume Roujas