I am absolutely convinced that most of the girls have seen the film “Monte Carlo” with our childhood idol- Selena Gomez. I remembered it like a Princess` empire, a fairy place that exists only in movies.But no, our planet is too beautiful and it offers to us things we could only dream about.

As you know i am in Italy now and because i want to make the most of this trip i decided to look for  possible journeys in and out of the country.I`ve already visited some amazing cities here, on my list remaining just few others. But have you ever thought that not really far from you, can be one of the most attractive places in the world? If no, you should! Because we were thinking for a way to spend our free day productively and i decided to look what else can we visit.I swear, i was shocked when found tickets Milan- Monaco and read that it was only 5 hours from us. I mean, what can be better than this? Without any hesitation, we packed our backpacks and morally prepared, went for it!

First place to visit was The Prince`s Palace.It`s such a weird feeling to speak about a prince and a princess nowadays 😀 A luxurious building and a breathtaking view. Placed on the Rock of Monaco, on a 62-metre tall monolith, it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the port.It left us with no words, just staring and wondering of how beautiful the world can be.

Next was the famous Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris, where the movie i talked about in the beginning was filmed.Reminded me a little bit of Barcelona, because of high palms.The difference from from it, but also from the other European countries is it`s luxury.

If you ever thought about having a holiday in a small country, if you like luxury and want to be surrounded by it- think about Monaco! Beside it`s special architectural style, distinguished by colorful fairy houses located on the coast,  you have the beach , not far from the port, with really clear azure water.Even now, in the end of September people were sunbathing and swimming and this made me so jealous 😀

The most important think i want to stress today is thinking further than you used to. If you travel, never, but never stay during your whole holiday in the same city. Stand up , buy train tickets and discover the world.You never know what can you find 1-2 hours away .