Somewhere in the south western corner of the Mediterranean island of Crete is located this little piece of heaven, called Elafonisi. It is known for its pink sand beaches, created by tidal and wave-induced deposits of pigmented microorganisms living in a symbiotic relationship with native seaweed.I remember that before i arrived to Greece i have been looking for the most beautiful places to visit here and Elafonisi was always in top 3. Seing it on pictures was already enough for me to admit it’s blisfull, but once i arrived there- silence! No words could describe this breathtaking view: the azure color of the water, white and pink sand and isolation from humanity. Sometimes you really need to get lost in such a wild place, so you can just breath the salty air, feel the wind and listen to your heartbeats. That’s priceless.

In case you are wondering I was wearing my flamingo swimsuit which i found perfectly fitted to the landscape.The only things that missed there were some cute Flamingos.I ordered it online on i recommend for really cheap prices, fast delivery and big variety of garments.

Kissy kissy from Elafonisi!

Wearing Bellelily swimwear