When tropics are calling, Secret Passion is here.

I was always keen on tropical destinations, in love with palm beaches, ocean vibes and endless sunsets. Right now i am enjoying all that my heart have ever needed.I don’t know what can be more relaxing and at the same time inspiring that chilling out on a wild beach, listening to your favourite songs and tasting new exotic fruits. We don’t need much for that perfect life, just living the moment and focusing on our personal happiness.

I am preparing some new posts from my little paradise, where i intend to show you a few swimsuit model ideas which are perfect for this summer. Today everything is about print and this awesome bra model. The small details are defining and very sexy. To be honest, i was dreaming for it for about 2 years, but i had no luck . Now my wish came true with my favourite swimsuits brand- Secret Passion and i am really thankful for this.

Wish you all a perfect summer and see you soon! XOXO,


Wearing Secret Passion swimsuit