Starting with this post hope my little baby will be present in as many photo shootings as possible.Love him to the moon and back and i am totally convinced he can transform any of my outfits in a better one. 🙂
I didn`t have the chance to wear this amazing blouse after Paris Fashion Week, so i decided today was the day i have to change this.Made of thin, soft fabric,it`s perfect for spring weather.It`s bulky sleeves and their colorful ruffles may seem hard to adapt  to a casual outfit.If the garment is really catchy, go simple on the other side.I chose to wear a pair of black skinny jeans and for shoes-my favourite flats with strings.This way, i tried to balance the top with the bottom and got a perfect daily look.

Wearing Luna Morgaciova blouse/ Pull & Bear jeans/ Zara flats